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Text: Desktop news feed displays 500 characters, mobile 120 characters, right column ad 90 characters.Image size: 1200 x 628 px Image ratio: 1.9:1 Desktop news feed display: 470 x 246 px Mobile news feed display: 560 x 293 px Right column display: 254 x 133 px Text: Desktop news feed displays 90 characters, mobile 110 characters, right column ad 90 characters.This person has no idea who you are, and once they see who your one mutual friend is, they'll have your shady ways all figured out. The Picture Tag Fail You know when you upload a picture via the mobile app, and then proceeding to tag your friends and in doing so accidentally tag your stalkee because you were thinking about the person all day? The Desperately Immediate Comment Fail Timing is important on Facebook, and you don't want to comment on a status update too quickly because it makes it look like all you do is wait for a person to post something.FYI: you can't remove a photo tag until you're using the desktop version of Facebook. Even though this is something you actually DO, you are supposed to be doing it This is when you try to look at comments on a photo via the mobile app and accidentally giving it a Like. The Keeping Your Browser Open to Their Profile for All to See Fail This needs no explanation.

Not everyone is a designer though, so how do regular folks like you and me make a great impression? When we showed you how to make a great profile picture, one of our tips was to survey people’s opinions with Photo Feeler.Whenever you update your status or change your profile picture in Facebook the changes will be visible in your friends news feed which is not bad, but it is not good all the time.Updating your profile information especially unimportant information like adding hometown or adding some personal life event in Facebook should not be public on all occasions.If this happens — particularly if it's a photo of someone in a bathing suit — unlike the picture This fail involves liking and commenting on every single one of someone's posts. If you're out getting blasted on cosmopolitans and he posts, "I'm so sore from the gym," it will behoove you in the long run (meaning, the next morning when you wake up trying to remember everything you did last night) to resist the strong temptation to say something like, "Let me help you feel better...This could lead to all of their notifications being about you. Last year, Facebook introduced temporary profile pictures, to let you show your support for a certain cause or send a message about some event.