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’s decision to publish a story around footage that features two members of the South African Police Services having sex on duty has been met with strong reactions – for and against – by many South Africans, but the paper remains unrepentant.

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The two are still believed to be dating each other and are back in the spotlight when they were seen checking in to the same hotel at Shanghai, China.

The both of them were staying on the same floor, with Show in room 8307 and Grace in room 8807.

According to Taiwan media reports, 34-year-old Show was seen sneaking into Grace’s room in the dead of the night and only left the following day. Netizens are speculating that the first part of his post (“Yes, thank you everyone!

On the second day of their stay in the hotel, Show was again seen entering her room and only left early next morning. ”) is an indirect admission to the rumours with Grace.

However, gradually, you will discover that he is more and more anxious about you, and depend on you.

Even when you make mistake, he who is hot-tempered cannot bear to flare up at you.

After receiving a message on her phone, she headed to a hotel – the same hotel that Show went to after finishing his work for the day. Four Years of Flirting Born in Beijing in 1988, Grace is nine years younger than Show, who will turn 36 this year.

The two were originally in separate rooms, but Show reportedly rested in his room for only a little while before entering hers and spending the night there. The next day, Show posted a message on Weibo, saying, “Yes… This is not the first time they have been mired in romantic reports.

While both management companies decline to comment on the incident, the Taiwanese entertainer left a post on Weibo yesterday morning, seemingly admitting to his relationship with Grace. In their comments, they wrote that they could not accept their idol dating an “artificial beauty”, and expressed their anger by calling Grace a “plastic surgery freak” and “material girl”.

Last year, the rumors crept up again after Show and Grace posted Instagram photos featuring similar clothing, necklaces, and poses.

Show Luo’s relationship with fashion blogger Zhou Yangqing surfaced last year.

Taiwanese pop singer Show Luo was spotted touring the streets of Tokyo, Japan together with Chinese blogger Grace Chow, who is deemed as an Angelababy lookalike, last year.

During their trip to the land of the rising sun, the pair was seen wearing couple shirts and accessories from their social media posts, which fuelled rumours that they are in a romantic relationship.