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A news feed might contain a list of story headlines, a list of excerpts from the stories, or a list containing each story from the website ('s news feeds contain story excerpts).

All news feeds will have a link back to the website, so if you see a headline / excerpt / story you like, you can click on the link for that piece of content and will be taken to the website to read it.

There are several News Reader programs available for all platforms, many of which are free.

Alternatively, some newer web browsers offer similar functionality already built-in which will detect whether the website you are viewing offers an RSS feed and will then let you create a constantly-updated list of links in your 'bookmarks' menu.

Want to find a way to save time if you read many websites?

This FAQ will show you how, and will answer some of the common questions about's new news feeds. A news feed (also known as an RSS feed) is a listing of a website's content.

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(Really Simple Syndication) is a method of receiving constantly updated links to your chosen websites.

Back to top How do I subscribe to's news feeds? If you have never used one before, try installing one of the news readers mentioned below and see which one you like.

Point your news reader to the addesses below for each feed you want to subscribe to.

The Firefox browser (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux) will let you do this, and will alert you to an RSS-enabled page by displaying an icon in the bottom-right corner of the window Firefox RSS link.

Apple's Safari browser (Mac OSX only) offers an even fuller service, and other browsers will probably follow.